truth unfolding

Merlyn's explorations

New day

A new day begins
Sky softly glowing
Mists devolving

“those who know how to be perfectly still
are able to govern the world”

—   Lao-Tzu (#45)
(Red Pine translation) 

Stop, start

Think of all
of it as One
thing that is
not a thing.
Stop, start.
You don’t
know anything
in completeness.
You just are.

Just look

Thinking this. Thinking that. There’s power in dividing up reality. But if peace and union are to be found - just look, be.


Before creation, perhaps it was a Field of All Possibilities. With that field, an energy fluctuation, a wave, a sound, a vibration occurred. Against a background of nothing. The beginning of one of the infinite possible universes.

Creation Myth

There was only a field of void. Quiet and absolutely still. Suddenly a wobble, a fluctuation, a wave form opened. The beginning. The first glimmer of light.


Today is my day and your day. Our day it is. Relax now into thisness.


Can “this” be real? To think, really think, this question is to step out of thought into reality.