truth unfolding

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New day

A new day begins
Sky softly glowing
Mists devolving

“those who know how to be perfectly still
are able to govern the world”

—   Lao-Tzu (#45)
(Red Pine translation) 

Stop, start

Think of all
of it as One
thing that is
not a thing.
Stop, start.
You don’t
know anything
in completeness.
You just are.

Speaking truth.

Speaking truth.

(Source: atheistangel, via inhabitude)

Just look

Thinking this. Thinking that. There’s power in dividing up reality. But if peace and union are to be found - just look, be.




Before creation, perhaps it was a Field of All Possibilities. With that field, an energy fluctuation, a wave, a sound, a vibration occurred. Against a background of nothing. The beginning of one of the infinite possible universes.

Creation Myth

There was only a field of void. Quiet and absolutely still. Suddenly a wobble, a fluctuation, a wave form opened. The beginning. The first glimmer of light.