truth unfolding

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Think only when needed. Never treat thinking as a casual habit. Save your energy for truth.


Who am I today? Who was I yesterday? Who will I be tomorrow?

This little self, always changing. A bundle of feelings, thoughts, perceptions constantly looping back on itself.

There must be something “more”. But I cannot name it without turning it into a something. But it cannot be something. No. It’s a nothing that is infinite.

who am I?

I am no-thing at all.

university meditation class

Today saying good-bye to a group of 600 meditation students at the university. Pick up papers. Students do evaluations.  Once upon a time, it was a dream to lead such a class. Now it was lived. My mother passed away in the middle of all this. I got sick. People helped out. Had to grow into this. Feeling gratitude. 


I am.
I am here.
I am now.
Always here-now.
Today, stay here-now.
Keep it simple.


SoundClouder of the Day | Americ Azevedo | All Life is Meditation

Meet today’s SoundClouder of the day, UC Berkeley computer science and meditation professor Americ Azevedo. Pioneer of online communities and education, Americ uses SoundCloud to share his poems and meditations on everyday life. Listen to his words of wisdom here

God’s image

It is written - we are created in God’s image. Assume that’s true (even if there’s no-God). If “God is creator” and we are “images of God”:  we are all creators. Something, even no-thing, created this cosmos here in our faces. Good news. Pick yourself up now - create something beautiful. Such as silence and peace. 

Mother is dying

Mother is dying. Death’s door is open, ready for her to walk in. Again, I’m her little child. No ground. Where to stand? What does “a life” mean? Everything. A life means everything.

early morning fog

Looking out the window. The hotel across the street up on the hill fading into the early morning fog. I wait and wait and wait - for settled mind - for everything happening around a grounded still center.

haku told me

Haku told me to write here. I had withdrawn from writing. Treating it as an addiction, a contractive poison. But maybe in small doses - healthy for the soul - like graffeete in a dark alley.